How To Create Your Own Blogging Survey

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So,  a few months ago, I launched my FIRST ever blogging survey, which you can check out here for my personal blog, My Bookish Life. As bloggers do, I was researching and came across this idea to create one for your readers and whilst collecting lots of data you can improve your blog. I found the process a bit unexpecting so, today, I want to share with my blogging experiencing with ‘blogging surveys’ and share some of my tips and tricks of setting them up, writing questions and collecting responses that help YOU with your blog! Let’s begin…

What Is A Blogging Survey Exactly?

Okay, a blogging survey is a survey which allows you ask your followers and readers questions about your blog. For e.g, ‘How long do you like my posts to be?’ or ‘What type of posts do you enjoy the most?’ They will take this survey, which shouldn’t be too long, and then you can collect your data and improve your blog based on your results.

How Do I Set One Up?

There are tonnes of websites which allow you to create a simple and easy survey but the one I used and prefer is Survey Monkey. While the free version, only allows 10 questions, It is still by far the most simple, efficient and perfect survey software out there. And anyway, you don’t want your readers to spend hours on your survey, you want them to read ya blog! I’m not going to go step-by-step through how to set up an account and survey as it is pretty straightforward. Comment below if you do want one of those posts.


  • Google Forms
  • Polls (Go Daddy)
  • The WordPress Poll System

How do I Create The Right Type Of Questions?

It depends on what you need help with. My survey was about my blog as a whole. But, the may be specific things you need feedback on. Like design or your content. If you check out my survey, I linked to previously, you can see an idea of some questions.

For Design and Theme of your blog, ask these types of questions:

  1. Is my blog easy to navigate around?
  2. Does my theme appeal to you?
  3. Can you find everything you need quickly?
  4. Is my blog too hard to read? (e.g, too bright)

For Content and Posts of your blog, ask these types of questions:

  1. What types of posts do you enjoy the most?
  2. Do you think my …… posts are too long?
  3. What type of writing style do you like
  4. Are you okay with my blogging schedule (currently every Monday and blala)

Think of any questions. If you want your whole blog in general mix in both of these types and a few random ones like ‘How often do you visit my blog?’ or ‘How did you find my blog?’

How to put my results to good use?

So, now you’ve got your data, what do you do? What use is it? Okay, um read it?

Firstly you need to look at your data. If a majority of people say your theme is ‘too hard to navigate around’. Then you need to change your theme to something easier. If one person says your posts are too long and everyone says it’s fine, then keep with the normal length of your post. Majority rules here. If most say they like your ‘baking’ blogs the best, then post those the most. Make it your niche.

Things To Keep In Mind When Creating A Survey!

  • Make sure you have multiple choice answers for most questions as it’s easier to collect data and analyse it.
  • Do not host a giveaway if someone completes your survey. You’ll get invalid responses from people who are only doing it for the prize!
  • If your site is hosted on, you won’t be able to’embed’ it on your post as it has JavaScript. You will have to link to it.
  • Have fun!


I hope this helped you figure out ‘everything you need to know about blogging surveys’

Comment below with your questions and queries. Link to your blogging survey, I’d be happy to fill it out!  What are your experiences with blogging surveys?


Author: Ilsa @ A Whisper Of Ink

I like devouring books a lot. Sometimes I stroke them or smell them and I read them a lot too. Books are kind of my life right now. if you want to know when to arrange my funeral, then just ask how many chapters I have left of my book. Want to rob me of my money? Just flash some pretty books in front of me and I will fall to my knees. What can I say? Books and i have a great relationship!

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