Small things that matter for me


Hey guys 😀 I’m FarahEdz from TheGirlWithCoffe and today I’m gonna share with you, small things that actually quite important for me 😉  Every things that written here have it own reasons. I don’t know how to get started 😂  Let’s jump into the real topic, shall we?

Use WordPress logo 

Use WordPress logo as the footer credit. If you don’t know what actually I’m talking about, you can go to your customizer and click on Site Identity. Find footer credit and make sure it is ” logo”. It looks a lot cleaner than a bunch of words written on your footer. I believe a lot of you agree with me even though this is a small matters.

Search and then, follow widget on your sidebar

Search is extremely important and I suggest you to put it on top of your sidebar. It is because people will search and explore more of your posts if it there. Also, it looks ugly if it in between a bunch of widget or it is on the end of your sidebar. If you want to put an image before search widget, it’s okay. Now, let’s talk about follow widget. I suggested you to put the follow blog widget after the search widget. Mainly because it probably will encourage your viewers to hit the follow button.

Put an image or gif on top of your posts


Okay, this may sounds weird but seriously,for me ; put a gif is extremely important. People will notice your posts more. I mean, if the post doesn’t have a feautured image, on the reader, the post will be a lot smaller than the ones who have an image, gif or video.

Like for real, all of these above are completely based on my own thoughts. For me, even though it’s small, it can make a huge changes that you doesn’t notice. If you have any questions, ask it on the comment section below. That’s all I have for now and see ya 😀



Author: RYN

formerly known as farahedz @thegirlwithcoffe

One thought on “Small things that matter for me”

  1. I totally agree! Though my Search Bar is somewhere lost in my sidebar (I need to change that, ASAP!), the rest are all important aspects. I believe small trinkets of a blog are what makes it unique and popular! Great ideas 😀


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