Things you’ll need to do after signing up on WordPress


Hey guys! Farah is here with a cup of coffee sharing with you guys, things that you must do once you has created your WordPress account. I have nothing to say for the introduction. So, let’s get right into the real topic.

  • Change your freaking profile picture

For real, I saw a lot of bloggers are still using the default picture as their profile picture. If the blogger commented on people’s blog that is setting up the default picture for those who doesn’t have a profile picture to be a random monster, it would be really inappropriate for those who are writing about a serious topic such as religion.

  • Set up your gravatar profile

Yeah, that’s extremely important. You need to edit your about me section on Gravatar. Don’t make it too long and boring but instead, make it short and simple. Put in only the important points about yourself. Also, you need to add your blog URL and all of your social media in your personal links.

  • Customize your blog

Pfshh, this is really obvious. You MUST customize your blog. Change your blog name is the first thing that you need to do! For real, it doesn’t look appropriate for your viewers to see “Site Title” as your blog name. You must add a header, background and blog icon.

TIP : Make sure you choose a colour palette for your blog. Trust me, you needed it when you want to design graphics for your blog. For more tips, check out >this< post. 

  • Edit and add the pages

You’ll have a contact, home and about page on your menus and seriously, it’s important for you to edit those pages. Also, make sure to add pages that you actually need because if otherwise, it will look too cluttered.

That’s all I have for now but expect more coming soon! If you have any problem or question related to blogging, feel free to ask us by commenting it down below or go to our contact page 🙂 Comment down below your thoughts or anything and see ya 😀



Author: RYN

formerly known as farahedz @thegirlwithcoffe

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