How to Write The Perfect Post

Hey guys!

This is Shania here,from Life As Shania, and today I will be sharing with you guys the steps on writing the perfect post!

1.Start Writing


This is the first step.It’s easier to write anyway you want to,and then start editing and fixing things later.A tip on the writing part is that you should write a post that is more than 300 words long.You might be like “What!”,but it’s actually really easy!Just keep an eye on the word counter on the bottom right-hand of your screen,and you’re good to go!

2.Grammer Mistakes


Fix your Grammer Mistakes!I have a tool called Grammarly,and it is super useful!It capitalizes,removes unnecessary commas,and more!I’ve been on many blogs where they have really good writing in general,but they have over 15 grammar mistakes.

3.Add Pictures

fluffy cute puppies

Adding pictures is a great way to attract your viewers to the post,along with GIFs. Whenever I have a picture,I usually center it for a professional look.Choosing big images and editing with PicMonkey has really helped me create thumbnails for my posts.

4.Using Tools


Use some of the tools that WordPress gives you on the top and the left  side.Add categories,and tags to make your posts more popular,customize your slug(which is the URL)and more!Also,when adding links,click the button between the 123 list and the quotes on the top for more professional looking links.

And Publish!I really hope you guys enjoyed and this helped you!I had a lot of fun making this!Bye!



Author: Shania Ahmed

Hey! My name is Shania Ahmed! I am a blogger who loves to: Eat(duh), sleep, shop, dance (my love), and be hella annoying. Visit me at my blog, All In One (

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