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Hey guys!It’s Shania here from Life As Shania, and today I am going to be giving you a dashboard tour!So basically, your dashboard is a place where everything is.Wordpress is trying to get us to use the new dashboard, but I personally don’t like it, and it is harder to navigate. You will not be able to be view other peoples dashboards if you are not an author, editor, or admin on it, and your dashboard is https://yoursite.wordpress.com/wp-admin…..Basically.I have actually created a video for you guys, so let’s get started!




Author: Shania

Hi! My name is Shania! In case you don't know(and you probably should if you read my blog) I love 5, no, 6 things. ONLY. Those are baking, crafting, reading, blogging, fashion, and last but not least FOOD! Read about me and my lifestyle posts on my blog, All In One! Enjoy! ~Shania

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