Wednesday Wisdom: a quote

Hey pixels!! Recently we have started our new tradition: Wednesday Wisdom. Every Wednesday we’ll post a quick tip, a quote, a quick advice…. You can comment and let us know your favourite quote or tip in the comments, too.

Today I’m sharing one quote which I like so much. It’s from one of my favourite books as a children/teenager: Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll).

Alice: This is impossible.

The mad hatter: Only if you believe it is.

I love this quote because I think it’s true. Lots of things were impossible before someone made them for the first time. So, don’t think blogging it’s impossible, my happy pixels. Just believe that you can do it!!


Enjoy our new section, my happy pixels!! See you next Wednesday!!

Lots of love,



Author: the happiest pixel

Hey pixels, my name is Sílvia. I live in a small Spanish town. I am passionate about all things creative and DIY’s. I love baking cakes and making vegetarian food. I love Eurovision and watching cycling on TV. Someday I'll go to Australia to hug a koala. For any suggestions, Business enquires and collaborations please feel free to contact at:

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