Get Your New Blog Up And Running (My Personal Tips & Secrets)

Guys! I got you some helpful tips written by Gilts&Glamz! These are awesome! Also, don’t forget to give a follow to her blog!

Simply Reen

Hello Beautiful People!

I say why not get down to some business today, the business of blogging of course! I have read so many blog posts recently advising new bloggers and they’re all great, so much you can learn from each and every one of them, and I’m actually really proud of myself when I say that I had actually been following the most important and common advice all along 🙂 whatever it was that I was doing was floating my boat and it came as a surprise when one lovely blogger requested that I share my secrets and tips on how to build and grow a new blog. I’ll be honest and tell you that deep down it feels great 🙂 so here it is; just some real, personal and honest advice or call it ‘secrets’ if you will.

Blogging-Sites-Header.jpg Original picture from Digital Trend, edited by Gilts&Glamz

5 Piece…

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Author: RYN

formerly known as farahedz @thegirlwithcoffe

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