Wednesday Wisdom

Hey guys!!

Welcome to another edition of WW! Today, I have an inspiring quote for you guys!

“It is a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together”

I love this quote because when you are blogging as a career, the most important thing is to blog about your passions. Don’t blog about celebrities if you hate it. Do what you love.





WordPress Dashboard Tour | Bloggers Memo Pad

Hey guys!It’s Shania here from Life As Shania, and today I am going to be giving you a dashboard tour!So basically, your dashboard is a place where everything is.Wordpress is trying to get us to use the new dashboard, but I personally don’t like it, and it is harder to navigate. You will not be able to be view other peoples dashboards if you are not an author, editor, or admin on it, and your dashboard is…..Basically.I have actually created a video for you guys, so let’s get started!



Wednesday Wisdom: Quick Tip

Happy hump day everyone!

It’s Shania here from Life As Shania, and today I am going to be giving you a little bit of Wednesday Wisdom.Basically, Wednesday Wisdom can be a quote, motivation, information, or a quick tip!Today I am going to be sharing a Quick Tip!


  • Put Aside Time To Create Good Content

Good content doesn’t just appear.Spend around 30 minutes on each post, or more!Don’t just use 10 minutes, and call it done.Put in tags, organise the posts in categories, create a featured image for it.And once you are done publishing, don’t forget to share.This will help you place effort into each and every one of your blog posts.

Hope you guys enjoyed our first Wednesday Wisdom!Stay tuned for some more!!



Using Picmonkey | Bloggers Memo Pad

Hey Guys!This is Shania from Life As Shania.

Blogger’s Memo Pad has been a little quiet lately.We have been having a couple of people move around and such,and I have sad news that TrainOfThought will not be posting here anymore.She may be coming back next year around March,though that is not confirmed. Anyways, Farah,TheHappiestPixel, and I are still here to post and give you helpful tips!

So today I am going to be sharing w/ you guys is how to use Picmonkey!Picmonkey is a great tool for blogging, and super easy to use it. Today I am going to be sharing w/ you guys how to use it!I have a video,and a post,so you guys get 2 ways to learn about it!Let’s get started!


I will be showing you guys how to make a simple and basic thumbnail for your blog post.


Step 1:


Head on over to love to use Picmonkey since it requires no downloading or fees.Picmonkey does have a Royale feature,but I find I never need it,so not worth the investment.If you do consider getting the Royale feature,I believe it is 4.99 per month,so not bad.Click on edit,and select the picture you want to use for the thumbnail.

Step 2:


Once you have reached here,click on the little butterfly on the left side.This is the overlay button.Picmonkey has a lot of great overlays and most of them are free.I especially love their flowers and such.

Step 3:


Once you have reached the Overlays,I like to click on geometric and use the circle.I fade the circle by about 50% using the slider and change it into a different color.This overlay will help people see the title/text of the thumbnail.

Step 4:


Once you are done with the overlay,click the little Tt button.This is the text button.I love all of Picmonkey’s texts.My favorites are Sacremento,Amatic Small Caps,and Tall Dark and Handsome.Now,use the add text button,and type in your text.The font I used was Tall Dark and Handsome.

Step 5:


Now that you are done with your thumbnail,hit the save button!Picmonkey gives you the option of downloading onto your desktop and choosing the file size & dimensions.



This is basically the beginning of Picmonkey!Picmonkey is a great tool,and super versatile!Make sure to use it!I really hope you guys enjoyed!Bye!



How to Write The Perfect Post

Hey guys!

This is Shania here,from Life As Shania, and today I will be sharing with you guys the steps on writing the perfect post!

1.Start Writing


This is the first step.It’s easier to write anyway you want to,and then start editing and fixing things later.A tip on the writing part is that you should write a post that is more than 300 words long.You might be like “What!”,but it’s actually really easy!Just keep an eye on the word counter on the bottom right-hand of your screen,and you’re good to go!

2.Grammer Mistakes


Fix your Grammer Mistakes!I have a tool called Grammarly,and it is super useful!It capitalizes,removes unnecessary commas,and more!I’ve been on many blogs where they have really good writing in general,but they have over 15 grammar mistakes.

3.Add Pictures

fluffy cute puppies

Adding pictures is a great way to attract your viewers to the post,along with GIFs. Whenever I have a picture,I usually center it for a professional look.Choosing big images and editing with PicMonkey has really helped me create thumbnails for my posts.

4.Using Tools


Use some of the tools that WordPress gives you on the top and the left  side.Add categories,and tags to make your posts more popular,customize your slug(which is the URL)and more!Also,when adding links,click the button between the 123 list and the quotes on the top for more professional looking links.

And Publish!I really hope you guys enjoyed and this helped you!I had a lot of fun making this!Bye!