New Theme on WP | Review, suggestions

☞  WordPress has a free new theme for us! I’m excited for this. I’ll take this opportunity to review and give suggestions and ideas to use the theme!

▼My Thoughts

The new theme has named as Dara. Dara is a classic and elegant theme for businesses. My first impression is great but personally, I think that Dara is a twin of Sela. They quite similar. I could say that nothing changes except the layout are bigger. The positive comment here is Dara is obviously better than Sela.

▼ My Suggestions

Here are the looks that I created using the Dara theme. You could use these as your inspiration if you’re looking forward using the theme.


◎ Gray, Black and White

I’m in love with this one. Yes, I admit that there’s a huge gap between the header and the menus. I don’t know why is that happens and how to solve it. But the only thing I could remind you is you need to entirely cover the space that you have on the editing canvas (make sure you’re using the correct size for your header).


◎ Pink

This is perfect if you’re writing about beauty. It has a touch of a hot pink color. As usual, I used the white color as the background. Personally, I love the way white color brighten up the blog.  As you know, Dara allows you to display your social media account under your header image.

Another tip for you, make sure that your menu’s content is minimum 5 pages only or it will look cluttered. I’ve made the mistake before and trust me, you don’t wanna be the old me.

☞  That’s it for today! I hope you found something new from this. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comment section below! We’ll try our best to answer you. Comment down below your thoughts and see ya!


Get Your New Blog Up And Running (My Personal Tips & Secrets)

Guys! I got you some helpful tips written by Gilts&Glamz! These are awesome! Also, don’t forget to give a follow to her blog!

Xclusive Glam|XG

Hello Beautiful People!

I say why not get down to some business today, the business of blogging of course! I have read so many blog posts recently advising new bloggers and they’re all great, so much you can learn from each and every one of them, and I’m actually really proud of myself when I say that I had actually been following the most important and common advice all along 🙂 whatever it was that I was doing was floating my boat and it came as a surprise when one lovely blogger requested that I share my secrets and tips on how to build and grow a new blog. I’ll be honest and tell you that deep down it feels great 🙂 so here it is; just some real, personal and honest advice or call it ‘secrets’ if you will.

Blogging-Sites-Header.jpg Original picture from Digital Trend, edited by Gilts&Glamz

5 Piece…

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Canva | Your Best Friend | How to use it for your blog // 1 // Featured Image Hacks

Hey lovely bloggers, Farah Edzua is here writing for you, my tips and experiences on Canva. Some of you already know about this but for the newbies, you may not know about this awesome hack! 


What Is Canva? 

I bet that some of you may ask yourself, what is Canva. Canva is a free site that has a variety of tools and templates that help you to create the best graphic for your blog but however, they offered you a premium package if you want to be more advantage. It doesn’t require any skills in order to make beautifully designed graphics. That’s one of my main reason, why I liked it so much.


Way to use Canva for your blog (1)

  • Your Featured Image Template 

To be honest, I’d never seen any ways that easier than using Canva method. Some of you did make a featured image for your posts while some of you, didn’t make it and personally, it doesn’t matter if you want to make it or not. It’s all up to you but for those who make it, I got you the easiest method in order to make your own personalized featured image.

  • Open Canva site
  • Create a new design 

Note : Choose the size for your featured image and I think presentation template works well.

  • Start to get creative!

At this point, you’re the one who decides what is your graphic going to look like. You could make your own template or even use the template that Canva has offered you. You could use this as your guide.


This is the very basic one but however, you could customize it to match with your style


How it works?

So basically, it could save you so much time. You literally need to go to Canva and click on the template that you made and change the title, your post category, and the background. Then, you could quickly save it to your computer and upload it to your post!

That’s it for today post. I hope that you found something new from this and help you out in the future! Follow if you aren’t already to see more helpful posts from other BMP Team. Like and comment down below your questions, thoughts or anything related to blogging and we’ll try to response to you as fast as we could! ☺️

🎉Good Luck, Bloggers!🎉



Hey guys! Who’s here are bored with the blog design that you currently have? If yes, We have a good news for you! We’re open for those who wanted our service to revamping their blog! You could make a request on our contact page if you are interested in that.

In the comment blank space, write: 

Revamping Blogs service

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We’ll give you a new :

  • Header
  • Blog Icon
  • Background
  • Refresh your sidebar (if needed)
  • Theme (if needed)

and add some graphics as the final touch.

We have two ways in order to customise your blog:

  • You add our Blogger Memo Pad account ( @thebloggermemopad ) to your blog
  • We’ll send you our ideas for your blog including your new graphics

All of this isn’t requires any money but however, you’ll need to: 

  • Give a credit to us on your blog and include our site URL (sidebar or pages)
  • Share about your new blog look (include our site URL) on at least 3 of your social medias
  • Write a post about us
  • Follow this blog
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~The Blogger Memo Pad Team


EPIC Blogger Hacks That You’d Never Seen Before

Hey there, the lovely bloggers! I gathered you awesome blogger hacks that new for me.  Trust me, this hacks will make your job a lot easier! I’m more than happy to see this post to be published because I’m sure that most of these hacks will help you!

1 | Huge Space Gap (2 ways)

Have you ever feel how annoying it is when your space gap is huge? Like you’re typing your post and there’s one point where you want the next sentences to be in the next line but still, in the same paragraph. It may be complicated for you to understand but it literally a self-explanatory. Personally, I find it super annoying and now I FOUND THE SOLUTION FOR IT! 

  • The 1st Way ( For Phone, Ipad user ) 


  • In your post, below the title column, there’s Visual and HTML tab. I’m sure that you’re on the visual tab. Click on the HTML tab and it will take you to the HTML version of your post.


  • Find the sentences that you want to be in the next line and then click the enter button.


  • Click on the Visual tab (right next to the HTML tab) and you’re done. That’s the final result after you do the easy steps.
  • The 2nd Way (For Computer user) 

This is the easiest way so far to solve the problem!

  • You literally need to go to the sentence that you want to be in the next line
  • Then, on your keyboard, hit the SHIFT + ENTER at the same time!

That’s it for the second way. Mahriya told me about this and I’m shocked because this is way easier than the way for the phone user!

I hope that I’m not the only one who has this problem. For real, I’m super glad for it because this is seriously my life saver!


2 | Social Media Icons on the Sidebar

Have you ever wanted your social media icons to be arranged side by side on your sidebar? but you can’t because it won’t allow you to do that. Seriously, I’ve been wanted to do this for so long until I saw Mahriya did this. I quickly asked her how she did that and she said that it was from a youtube video.

I know that it was published years ago but seriously, I’m shocked that it works perfectly. You definitely need to try this out. Oh if you’re wondering how to make your own Social Media Icons, check out this post and it may help you with that 🙂

Yes, I know that is is literally 2 hacks that I have for you but I hope that you’ve found something new from this post! Comment down below your thoughts or anything and see ya!


Where to Find Fonts for Your Blog Graphics | My Fonts Recommendation

Hey guys, it’s me FarahEdz and I’m here with ton of information about Fonts that you could use for your graphics! I also give you my recommendations of Fonts for you to use! Make sure to read everything so you didn’t miss any important thing!

Where To Find Your Fonts

This website have ton of beautiful fonts! The good news here is they offer the fonts for free, without paying anything! Most of my fonts, I got from DaFont and I believe most of the YouTubers often use this website too!
You literally need to download this on your computer! For those who are using Mac, they will need to click on the zip file they had downloaded. After that, a folder will pop up. Find a file in the folder says either (name).otf or (name).ttf. Click on one of them and then, the fonts will be automatically downloaded to your fonts book!
For the Windows user, you could totally search up the steps on Google. I promise you, the steps are super duper easy!

Well, Creative Market is a website that offers you Beautiful Fonts but however, for those who are on the budget, I’m not recommending you this website. Mainly because they require money to have. Although most of their fonts are paid, their fonts are obviously even prettier than website ones. If you want to advantage your graphics, I highly recommend you to buy either the fonts or graphics that the website offers you!

My Personal Favourite Fonts

Of course, I got all of these from! I seriously can’t choose because all of them are so freaking beautiful! Tell me which one is your favourite 😉

screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-9-08-56-pmscreen-shot-2016-12-02-at-9-09-20-pmscreen-shot-2016-12-02-at-9-10-41-pmScreen Shot 2016-12-02 at 9.12.53 PM.pngscreen-shot-2016-12-02-at-9-09-12-pm


So yeah! That’s all that I have to share with you today! I hope that you found this helpful! Make sure that you wait for a new post from me, because in the next post, I will be sharing with you, Blogger Hacks, How to Graphics and so much more! If you got questions about anything that related to blogging or designing, make sure to leave it on our contact page or comment it down below!


Things you’ll need to do after signing up on WordPress


Hey guys! Farah is here with a cup of coffee sharing with you guys, things that you must do once you has created your WordPress account. I have nothing to say for the introduction. So, let’s get right into the real topic.

  • Change your freaking profile picture

For real, I saw a lot of bloggers are still using the default picture as their profile picture. If the blogger commented on people’s blog that is setting up the default picture for those who doesn’t have a profile picture to be a random monster, it would be really inappropriate for those who are writing about a serious topic such as religion.

  • Set up your gravatar profile

Yeah, that’s extremely important. You need to edit your about me section on Gravatar. Don’t make it too long and boring but instead, make it short and simple. Put in only the important points about yourself. Also, you need to add your blog URL and all of your social media in your personal links.

  • Customize your blog

Pfshh, this is really obvious. You MUST customize your blog. Change your blog name is the first thing that you need to do! For real, it doesn’t look appropriate for your viewers to see “Site Title” as your blog name. You must add a header, background and blog icon.

TIP : Make sure you choose a colour palette for your blog. Trust me, you needed it when you want to design graphics for your blog. For more tips, check out >this< post. 

  • Edit and add the pages

You’ll have a contact, home and about page on your menus and seriously, it’s important for you to edit those pages. Also, make sure to add pages that you actually need because if otherwise, it will look too cluttered.

That’s all I have for now but expect more coming soon! If you have any problem or question related to blogging, feel free to ask us by commenting it down below or go to our contact page 🙂 Comment down below your thoughts or anything and see ya 😀