How to master Facebook (groups)

Hey pixels!! As I said before, I’m going to start a social media series, where I’m going to share a few tips on how to manage this tools to promote your work/blog.

Social media are a great tool for promoting what you’re doing for free. Whatever you post on Facebook it can be read and shared, and if you’re doing your job well, it can have a big impact: followers, visits, and more.

But, how? Which is the best way to use Facebook?  Keep reading, my friends!

Before starting, you should have a few things ready:

  • the main pillar content, what exactly do you want to share and how are you going to explain it.

Don’t work in secret. Spread your words to the world. Maybe some friends are writing blogs, too, and you can help each other. Or maybe they are not writing, but they can help sharing your posts and following your page.

Work on Facebook interest groups. They are great. Groups are communities where people help each other promote each other’s content.


Go to your Facebook search bar, and search for some keywords related to your particular interest of blog niche. Maybe creative food, travel, design or fashion. Just test a few keywords. Facebook will give you options to search for people, pages, and groups. Go to groups and there you will find a ton of groups that discusses the topics and helps each other to promote their content.

Actually, a  lot of these groups are private and you will have to request to join. Most of the times you’ll have no problems to join them. But if the answer is no, you can try again later.

Read carefully groups guidelines before posting, just in case.

I hope this information will be useful!! More tips about Facebook and other social media are coming. Don’t worry, is not over!!



Interview With Georgie | Blogger Celebrations(Let’s Party!!!)

Before I start, I know some of you might know that I am taking a mini break from the BMP. This is not my last post just yet as there are more Blogger Celebrations due. Once I have completed all requests, I will not be posting anymore. Thanks for understanding!

Hi, all! It’s me Train Of Thought!

Today is our first Blogger Celebration here on the BMP! I’d like to introduce you to Georgie @ VIUNIVERSALI ! I’m going to be celebrating her into the blogosphere. So, she’ll be Georgie and I’ll be TT (Train of Thought) and without further a due, let’s begin!

TT: Hi,Georgie! So great to have you here on the BMP, how do you feel being on here?

Georgie: Hi! Thank you so much for having me, I’m so thrilled. This is the first opportunity I’ve been presented with since joining the blogging community so I’m very grateful!

TT:Well, that’s great! Let’s actually get into the real post, shall we! What is your blog about, in a paragraph?

Georgie:My blog is called Vi Universali which roughly translates to ‘Universal Energy’. I believe we are all connected and in a world where everything feels so disconnected, I am constantly striving to communicate and to share and to talk about the things that really matter. I post anything and everything on my blog from random musings to creative pieces I have written, recipes to travel, mindfulness to meditation, fashion to philosophy.

Georgie:I am always raw, open and honest in what I write and strive to be true to myself – the internet is inundated with perfectly polished images of individuals and their lives and I want to reverse this idea that everything we share has to be flawless, and instead promote authenticity and the value of being real. My blog is still in the very early stages so I hope that you can join me as I grow and continue to share in my tiny corner of the internet.

TT: Great, want some cake? I’m getting hungry, you?

Georgie:Aaah, you really think I’d turn down cake?! Never!

TT: Haha, who could turn down CAKE? *munches* Ahem, anyways, what are some things you’d like to achieve/celebrate in your blogging journey?

Georgie:My primary goal with my blog is for it to be a place on the internet that, as I’ve said, is real. A little pocket of cyber-space that is completely free of societal pressures, norms and expectations, a place that encourages people on their own journey of self-growth – because after all, we are all constantly growing, and I believe that the best way to truly become the people that we want to be is to encourage and support one another, to share and express and communicate in the most vulnerable, passionate, genuine way.

TT: Some of your favourite bloggers, people who you’d invite to the party?

  • Nirrimi ( – her blog is a stunning work of art celebrating all it means to be human – to be open and honest and vulnerable, to love and to lose, to feel the whole spectrum of emotion and celebrate life in all its crazy glory. She is both a talented photographer, musician and a genuinely lovely person.
  • Emma ( – Emma has built an entire business from her blog, but not only that – a way of life. This achievement is hugely inspiring to me. Emma encourages her readers to embrace the messiness of living and shrug off the idea that everything has to be perfect.
  • Lauren and John over at Hot For Food ( – Hot For Food is a vegan food blog who I’d for sure invite to the party if it meant I could sample some of their delicious creations. Two of the best vegan chefs I’ve ever come across and also two genuinely nice people. I’d for sure recommend them if you want some easy, tasty comfort food inspiration!
  • Brooke Saward ( – Brooke documents her travels on her blog and Instagram ‘World Of Wanderlust’ and shows that travelling on a budget without any scams or unrealistic processes is entirely possible. Her message is ‘anyone can do it’ and that to me, as someone who has a constant ache to travel, is very inspiring.
  • And of course everyone here at the BMP!

TT: Awww thanks! Those all sound like amazing bloggers. Well, I guess you are waiting for your gift! What’s one thing you’d like to as ask about blogging? Anything and I’ll answer!!

Georgie:The blogging industry is incredibly competitive and it can be very difficult to get your name out there, network and encourage people to view your blog. What are some tips and tricks you have for accomplishing this? I’d love for my blog to grow so that I can share my writing with more people and take blogging around the world with me as I travel (this is my ultimate goal!), sharing my self-growth, observations and life lessons along the way. I’d love to hear some ways in which people can be encouraged to come and visit my space on the web!

TT:Yes! That is very true. There are so many blogs out there, it is hard to stand out from the crowd. Firstly, I’d say don’t copy anyone else, let your personality shine through. And secondly, interact. Commenting on other blogs is probably the best way to get noticed. Networking is the key to getting noticed.Make social media accounts and join other bloggers. Join the fun, by participating in events, such as the 2016 Blogger Awards (there’s still time to vote!) And thirdly, offer something no-other blog offers. Make your blog unique and personal. Add your own quirky twist to it and your readers will grow. Lastly, comment back and talk to your readers. Whilst looking for new followers, be sure to interact with the readers you have already. Be friendly and always comment back and comment on their blogs. Show your appreciation.

TT: What’s your wish? Blow out your candles, and make one!! Tell us what it  is… Can we make it come true?

Georgie: My biggest wish is to grow my blog to a point where I can take it around the world with me and work with brands I love on projects I am passionate about – being able to make something I love my work is my biggest ambition and I am prepared to strive every day until I accomplish my goal. Isn’t that what life is about?

TT:I hope your wish comes TRUE, one day!

TT: Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging essentially because of my previous answer – I am a very creative person and do not want to spend the rest of my life in a conventional 9-5 job where I feel restricted. My basic philosophy in life is to keep moving so that you never become stagnant or stuck in what you are doing.

Blogging is such a versatile platform – you can take it anywhere, it allows you to say anything you desire and it can lead to so many amazing opportunities in so many different industries. I wanted to share all of the observations and thoughts and musings I had inside me, wanted to document my journey of self-growth, realisation and discovery in the hopes that there are people out there, staring at the words I have written on their screen, feeling connected and reassured, people who can relate and grow with me. I started blogging because I wanted to claim a space of my own in the vast and mysterious online world that reflected not only the person I am inside but the person I wish to grow into.

TT: LET’S get into the party mood! Where else can we find you on the internet?

Georgie: You can find me on Instagram at ‘georgieccox’ where I share more of my personal life (again, all in the hopes of encouraging vulnerability, authenticity and honesty). Otherwise, I’m blogging at Vi Universali and I hope to see you there! Thank you so much for having me, it’s been a pleasure.

See you soon.


Thanks so much Georgie for being on here!! It means a lot to us!

Do you want to have a blogging party and be featured on our blog?Yes? Sign up here! We’ll be there…How do you feel about blogging? Can You relate? Comment below!

How to Write The Perfect Post

Hey guys!

This is Shania here,from Life As Shania, and today I will be sharing with you guys the steps on writing the perfect post!

1.Start Writing


This is the first step.It’s easier to write anyway you want to,and then start editing and fixing things later.A tip on the writing part is that you should write a post that is more than 300 words long.You might be like “What!”,but it’s actually really easy!Just keep an eye on the word counter on the bottom right-hand of your screen,and you’re good to go!

2.Grammer Mistakes


Fix your Grammer Mistakes!I have a tool called Grammarly,and it is super useful!It capitalizes,removes unnecessary commas,and more!I’ve been on many blogs where they have really good writing in general,but they have over 15 grammar mistakes.

3.Add Pictures

fluffy cute puppies

Adding pictures is a great way to attract your viewers to the post,along with GIFs. Whenever I have a picture,I usually center it for a professional look.Choosing big images and editing with PicMonkey has really helped me create thumbnails for my posts.

4.Using Tools


Use some of the tools that WordPress gives you on the top and the left  side.Add categories,and tags to make your posts more popular,customize your slug(which is the URL)and more!Also,when adding links,click the button between the 123 list and the quotes on the top for more professional looking links.

And Publish!I really hope you guys enjoyed and this helped you!I had a lot of fun making this!Bye!


Where I can find ideas for my blog posts?

Hey pixels!! As bloggers, sooner or later you’ll ask yourself this question. It’s a tricky question, trust me. I’ve asked it myself a few times since I started blogging. That was about 14 months ago. I know it’s not a lot of time, but I’ve learned a few things during this time.

First, it was hard to have good ideas about what to write. I found it annoying, because I wanted to post 3 times every week but ideas didn’t came to my mind. But, slowly, my skills have improved a bit, and now I have a couple of resources about where or how I can find more ideas. Don’t worry, my happy pixels. All the beginnings are hard, but the effort is worth. 😉

Placeholder Image

How to find ideas for blog posts

Let’s start from the basics. First of all you have to be sure about your blog subject. This is important. Be sure that  you want to write about this subject for a long period of time. For example, if you’re not sure if you want to write about food, don’t do it. Change food for another thing, like sports or travelling. If you’re not having a good time writing, your readers will  notice it. And the most important, you’ll end up abandoning your blog because, you know, you’ll get tired of it.

So, now we are sure we love our blog and writing about that particular thing, let’s see how to find a large number of ideas about it. I say large not because you have to come up with 1000 ideas the same day, but because you’ll keep writing about this subject for a time.

Placeholder Image

This is a list of ways to come up with ideas:

  1. Ask your friends, family and blog friends.
  2. Look on Pinterest, Instagram and other social media.
  3. Look at your surroundings; ideas are everywhere, you just have to find them.
  4. Look on google trends, or similar.
  5. Have a walk or ride your bike. Have a coffee. Relax. Stress and creativity are not friends.
  6. Read a good book.
  7. Watch a good film.
  8. If you have a big budget, travel. Travelling opens your mind. If, like me, you don’t have it, go on a one day trip to somewhere.
  9. Change your daily routine: try a new recipe, change your route to go to work…
  10. Keep a journal with your ideas.

I hope this will help you, my happy pixels!! Do you make any of this things? Are you going to try any of them? Please, let us know in the comments below.

How To Clean Out Your Sidebar

When was the last time you took a good look at your blog’s sidebar and thought about cleaning it up?
A year ago? 2 Years Ago?

Do you want your blog to LOOK amazing?
Do you want to grow your readership?

If the answer is ‘Yes’, to anyone of those, then read on!

Let’s Spring Clean That Sidebar!!!
Okay, it’s not spring yet, but your sidebar is most likely CLUTTERED. You may think, ‘oh, she’s talking about other blogs. Not mine, my sidebar is clean!’. Maybe it is, but take a real good look. Is it? Do you really need half the stuff on there? First glance ‘Yep, I do!’. Really? It might be hard to let some things go, but it’s important.

Why should I clean out my sidebar?
It might seem obvious. It might not. Less is more on any site. When you visit a site, you want everything nice and tidy. Not one billion glaring fonts, every color of the rainbow, 4 different songs playing in the background, and 1 billion pop-ups. You want to come to a quiet site, lots of white space, a welcome mat and a cup of tea *some biscuits, if you please*. So, if you’re sidebar is exploding or just overloaded, you need to clean it out and make space for that tea party and that eager reader!

Okay, How Do I Spring Clean?
Stupid Question. Or not. You might just think ‘I’ll delete these’ and ‘add this’. Nope. You need to know what’s important and what’s

Hit ‘Delete’ On These ‘Waste Of Space’ Widgets

1. Recent Comments

It’s amateur, it’s unnecessary, it weird. I’ve seen it on so many blogs. SO MANY. Nobody clicks on them. They serve no purpose. It’s a waste of space. DELETE IT! Why would I want to click on someone who’s commented? I don’t really care. I want CONTENT!
2. Tag Cloud
Please stop. They look ‘cool’ on some blogs, but still. I’d rather click on a category (we’ll talk about this later) then some random bunches of words stuck together. Please, get rid of it!

3. Awards
I used to be guilty of this one too. Chuck out your trophies and display them on your ‘about’ page instead. Your sidebar just isn’t the place.

Must Have Widgets
1. Popular Posts/Pages
I hardly ever see this one! I mean seriously? This is a widget that is amazing and so useful for your readers. Replace your ‘recent posts’ with this widget. WordPress does all the work for you, so use this! I don’t why Recent Comments & Posts are so popular. They are hardly useful. Popular Posts are just amazing and help draw your readers into the best posts!
2. Follow Via Email

Chances are, some of your readers aren’t WordPress Users and need other ways to follow your blog, so keep this! Even if they are, if people love your blog, they’ll want to stay updates via email! I’ve only got a few email followers, but it’s worth having one.
3. Categories/Archives

Categories are the next best thing to ‘pages’. Keep your blog organized and have your posts put into special categories for your readers to navigate around. If you’ve got a lot of these, keep it as a dropdown. Maybe Archives on your footer but Categories are a must!
4. Search bar!

Make it easier to navigate, and add in a search bar for people to find what they are looking for. My theme has a built in one, but some don’t. Be sure to add one!
5. About me

Your readers want to know about you straight away. They don’t want to click. Give them a little bio about you and what you do in the blogging community.  Don’t forget to  add in your social media icons as well! Need help with creating one?

Now you’ve got your sidebar sorted, how about that tea? Come on in, (mind the welcome mat!!) and tell me all about how your spring cleaning went! Still unsure of what to chuck out or keep, carry on the conversation and comment below!

How To Create Your Own Blogging Survey

Hi, Train Of Thought here from My Bookish Life!

So,  a few months ago, I launched my FIRST ever blogging survey, which you can check out here for my personal blog, My Bookish Life. As bloggers do, I was researching and came across this idea to create one for your readers and whilst collecting lots of data you can improve your blog. I found the process a bit unexpecting so, today, I want to share with my blogging experiencing with ‘blogging surveys’ and share some of my tips and tricks of setting them up, writing questions and collecting responses that help YOU with your blog! Let’s begin…

What Is A Blogging Survey Exactly?

Okay, a blogging survey is a survey which allows you ask your followers and readers questions about your blog. For e.g, ‘How long do you like my posts to be?’ or ‘What type of posts do you enjoy the most?’ They will take this survey, which shouldn’t be too long, and then you can collect your data and improve your blog based on your results.

How Do I Set One Up?

There are tonnes of websites which allow you to create a simple and easy survey but the one I used and prefer is Survey Monkey. While the free version, only allows 10 questions, It is still by far the most simple, efficient and perfect survey software out there. And anyway, you don’t want your readers to spend hours on your survey, you want them to read ya blog! I’m not going to go step-by-step through how to set up an account and survey as it is pretty straightforward. Comment below if you do want one of those posts.


  • Google Forms
  • Polls (Go Daddy)
  • The WordPress Poll System

How do I Create The Right Type Of Questions?

It depends on what you need help with. My survey was about my blog as a whole. But, the may be specific things you need feedback on. Like design or your content. If you check out my survey, I linked to previously, you can see an idea of some questions.

For Design and Theme of your blog, ask these types of questions:

  1. Is my blog easy to navigate around?
  2. Does my theme appeal to you?
  3. Can you find everything you need quickly?
  4. Is my blog too hard to read? (e.g, too bright)

For Content and Posts of your blog, ask these types of questions:

  1. What types of posts do you enjoy the most?
  2. Do you think my …… posts are too long?
  3. What type of writing style do you like
  4. Are you okay with my blogging schedule (currently every Monday and blala)

Think of any questions. If you want your whole blog in general mix in both of these types and a few random ones like ‘How often do you visit my blog?’ or ‘How did you find my blog?’

How to put my results to good use?

So, now you’ve got your data, what do you do? What use is it? Okay, um read it?

Firstly you need to look at your data. If a majority of people say your theme is ‘too hard to navigate around’. Then you need to change your theme to something easier. If one person says your posts are too long and everyone says it’s fine, then keep with the normal length of your post. Majority rules here. If most say they like your ‘baking’ blogs the best, then post those the most. Make it your niche.

Things To Keep In Mind When Creating A Survey!

  • Make sure you have multiple choice answers for most questions as it’s easier to collect data and analyse it.
  • Do not host a giveaway if someone completes your survey. You’ll get invalid responses from people who are only doing it for the prize!
  • If your site is hosted on, you won’t be able to’embed’ it on your post as it has JavaScript. You will have to link to it.
  • Have fun!


I hope this helped you figure out ‘everything you need to know about blogging surveys’

Comment below with your questions and queries. Link to your blogging survey, I’d be happy to fill it out!  What are your experiences with blogging surveys?



Hey there, welcome to our blog!

Blogging started out as fun, right?

Now, it’s a dire chore and something you won’t quit or maybe quitting is something you are considering. You only blog to keep the income coming or to please your eager readers.But while you still get excited over a comment and like, you wish that it wasn’t so boring tiring and time-consuming.

Well, guess what? IT DOESN’T have to be this way.

With our online Memo Pad, we share the best tips, tricks,and content with YOU, for FREE! Who’s We? Well, Train Of Thought, Farah Edzua, Sílvia and Shania,  and  are all here as a community, to give you the most informative advice related to blogging!

Please explore. There’re so many opportunities so seize them! We can’t wait to see you around!

Check out a video made by Shania, to get a better idea of what the BMP is about!

~ The Blogger Memo Pad Team