How to Create An Awesome Featured Image (Using Canva) To Make Your Blog A Brand

Images are the key to your blog’s success. Visuals have always been at the heart of your blog’s content. Everything has to look nice, pretty and appealing. Everything has to also look, consistent and blend into your theme as well as stand out from the crowd.

One way to do this is to have a template for your featured images.
Say what?
Okay, I might be making no sense but here’s what I mean:
Here’s mine @ My Bookish Life if you haven’t noticed:


And even the BMP has a template:

Have you seen PaperFury’s?


These are just a few examples, but it just helps give consistency throughout your blog. And though mine aren’t that developed just yet, it gives your blog some IDENTITY!

You want to make your blog known. Whenever someone sees a post of yours, they know it is ACTUALLY YOURS because it has your style written all over it.

In other words, if you’re featured images stay consistent, your blog will be known for it.

We’re going to be using Canva today, which is better than Picmonkey because you can edit your template over and over again. You cannot do this with Picmonkey. BeFunky is also a good example of templates.

Let’s begin then, shall we?

Wait! HOLD ON! Here are some things you need to know before you get started

Top Tips


  • Be sure to look at your recommended featured image size! You don’t want your image to look oblong and blurry on your blog! Go to your site’s information to see the recommended specs and go from there.  
  • Don’t copy other people’s styles. Be unique and make it match your blog theme.
  • Change up the fonts, colours as well as images for new posts but keep the layout the same. You can obviously keep the same font and colours to match with the blog theme.
  • Be sure to add a watermark which should be small to your images to help your work stay YOURS!
  • Canva requires an account so quickly make one!


1. Choose an image

There are so many great FREE stock photos out there that you can use. So take a look, Pixabay is my favourite for these but there are a lot of others like which are great too!



  1. Add an overlay


Adding overlays is most common. The colour for your overlay should be the colour of your blog. Make it transparent so you can still see the image but also have a hint of identity. Of course, you don’t have to add one, as it is YOURS!


  1. Choose your colours


I use Tin Eye’s colour lab for this. Upload your image there to get a  feel of the colours. Then go! Copy and paste the hex code into a document colour on Canva and TADA!You’ve got your colour palette


  1. Add text


You can be as creative as you like with this. Add your own text, play around with fonts and colours and you’ll end up with something like this.



  1. Save It!


Name your design, download and upload to your blog post! You are done, and you have a perfect image! Now, use this template for all your blog posts and you’re good to go…


Now you have completed your design! Use this template for ALL your featured images and you’ve created your blog’s identity. BYE!



Canva | Your Best Friend | How to use it for your blog // 1 // Featured Image Hacks

Hey lovely bloggers, Farah is here writing for you, my tips and experiences on Canva. Some of you already know about this but for the newbies, you may not know about this awesome hack! 


What Is Canva? 

I bet that some of you may ask yourself, what is Canva. Canva is a free site that has a variety of tools and templates that help you to create the best graphic for your blog but however, they offered you a premium package if you want to be more advantage. It doesn’t require any skills in order to make beautifully designed graphics. That’s one of my main reason, why I liked it so much.


Way to use Canva for your blog (1)

  • Your Featured Image Template 

To be honest, I’d never seen any ways that easier than using Canva method. Some of you did make a featured image for your posts while some of you, didn’t make it and personally, it doesn’t matter if you want to make it or not. It’s all up to you but for those who make it, I got you the easiest method in order to make your own personalized featured image.

  • Open Canva site
  • Create a new design 

Note : Choose the size for your featured image and I think presentation template works well.

  • Start to get creative!

At this point, you’re the one who decides what is your graphic going to look like. You could make your own template or even use the template that Canva has offered you. You could use this as your guide.


This is the very basic one but however, you could customize it to match with your style


How it works?

So basically, it could save you so much time. You literally need to go to Canva and click on the template that you made and change the title, your post category, and the background. Then, you could quickly save it to your computer and upload it to your post!

That’s it for today post. I hope that you found something new from this and help you out in the future! Follow if you aren’t already to see more helpful posts from other BMP Team. Like and comment down below your questions, thoughts or anything related to blogging and we’ll try to response to you as fast as we could! ☺️

🎉Good Luck, Bloggers!🎉


10 things to include in your media kit

Hey, happy pixels!! 

What is Media Kit?

A media kit is simply an information packet about a business or product. You can make one to promote your blog. For example, you can send it to blogs or brands to explain who you are, what do you do and to propose a collaboration.

It’s a useful tool. It collects information about your blog that answers your investors, collaborators, and clients questions about you. You can think about your media kit as a marketing tool. Actually, it is.


A media kit should be visual, attractive and simple. You want to grab the reader’s attention, but the main information has to be easy to find. Remember that the time people dedicate to that kind of things is limited, so you have to be visual and interesting.

A good way to design your media kit is to use tools as Canva. Another good way is to look for free printables on Google. Remember: visual and simple.

There are lots of contents suggestions. From my point of view, the top things that you should include in your media kit are:

Media kit contents

  1. The name of your blog; add your logo, or your picture if you don’t have a logo.
  2. A brief information about you and your blog. Who are you, what exactly is your blog or business. Just 3-5 sentences. Be clear. Add a link to your blog and your mail or contact info.
  3. Previous collaborations. Who were your collaborators, what did you do for them and a link to your work? If you have good opinions about your job, you can include them here.
  4. WordPress and social media statistics. If you still don’t have large numbers to impress, you can omit them or use your growth trends. For example, in just 3 months, the number of blog followers has increased 200%.
  5. What kind of collaborations you do. Which services are you offering? You’ll send your kit with a personalized proposal for each blog or company, but here you can offer different options. Include here a call to action: send me a mail, call me for more information…Include your contact info again, or just include it here, not above.
  6. Add pictures. Be proud of your hard work. Show it.
  7. Convert the kit to PDF.

Make a list of blogs/brands you would like to work with. Send your media kit.

Make changes if it does not work.

Are you interested in having a media kit? I think it’s an interesting tool. Especially when a blog it’s starting to grow. Even before that.

Are you going to make one? If you have any doubt or if you want to share your experiences with your media kit, feel free to leave a comment.



EPIC Blogger Hacks That You’d Never Seen Before

Hey there, the lovely bloggers! I gathered you awesome blogger hacks that new for me.  Trust me, this hacks will make your job a lot easier! I’m more than happy to see this post to be published because I’m sure that most of these hacks will help you!

1 | Huge Space Gap (2 ways)

Have you ever feel how annoying it is when your space gap is huge? Like you’re typing your post and there’s one point where you want the next sentences to be in the next line but still, in the same paragraph. It may be complicated for you to understand but it literally a self-explanatory. Personally, I find it super annoying and now I FOUND THE SOLUTION FOR IT! 

  • The 1st Way ( For Phone, Ipad user ) 


  • In your post, below the title column, there’s Visual and HTML tab. I’m sure that you’re on the visual tab. Click on the HTML tab and it will take you to the HTML version of your post.


  • Find the sentences that you want to be in the next line and then click the enter button.


  • Click on the Visual tab (right next to the HTML tab) and you’re done. That’s the final result after you do the easy steps.
  • The 2nd Way (For Computer user) 

This is the easiest way so far to solve the problem!

  • You literally need to go to the sentence that you want to be in the next line
  • Then, on your keyboard, hit the SHIFT + ENTER at the same time!

That’s it for the second way. Mahriya told me about this and I’m shocked because this is way easier than the way for the phone user!

I hope that I’m not the only one who has this problem. For real, I’m super glad for it because this is seriously my life saver!


2 | Social Media Icons on the Sidebar

Have you ever wanted your social media icons to be arranged side by side on your sidebar? but you can’t because it won’t allow you to do that. Seriously, I’ve been wanted to do this for so long until I saw Mahriya did this. I quickly asked her how she did that and she said that it was from a youtube video.

I know that it was published years ago but seriously, I’m shocked that it works perfectly. You definitely need to try this out. Oh if you’re wondering how to make your own Social Media Icons, check out this post and it may help you with that 🙂

Yes, I know that is is literally 2 hacks that I have for you but I hope that you’ve found something new from this post! Comment down below your thoughts or anything and see ya!


Weekly blog schedule

Hey pixels!! This week is my turn to talk about how to organize your tasks as a blogger. There are things you should do every day or every two days and another things that have to be done every week or so. I know it can be overwhelming at the beginning (it was for me, too), but if you establish a routine from the firsts days you’ll get used to it.

Then, with practice, all this will be easy for you. Just another part of your daily schedule.

Please, remember that this infography is just a guide. Of course, every person has its own way to work and think. But I think this will be useful to remind you the most important tasks when we’re talking about blogging.


I hope my guide will be useful to you, my happy pixels!! If you have any doubt, suggestion, or if do you think I’ve forgot something, feel free to leave a comment. Your help and suggestions are useful to us, too!!

Have a nice weekend! Love,


Wednesday Wisdom: Quick Tip

Happy hump day everyone!

It’s Shania here from Life As Shania, and today I am going to be giving you a little bit of Wednesday Wisdom.Basically, Wednesday Wisdom can be a quote, motivation, information, or a quick tip!Today I am going to be sharing a Quick Tip!


  • Put Aside Time To Create Good Content

Good content doesn’t just appear.Spend around 30 minutes on each post, or more!Don’t just use 10 minutes, and call it done.Put in tags, organise the posts in categories, create a featured image for it.And once you are done publishing, don’t forget to share.This will help you place effort into each and every one of your blog posts.

Hope you guys enjoyed our first Wednesday Wisdom!Stay tuned for some more!!



Interview With Georgie | Blogger Celebrations(Let’s Party!!!)

Before I start, I know some of you might know that I am taking a mini break from the BMP. This is not my last post just yet as there are more Blogger Celebrations due. Once I have completed all requests, I will not be posting anymore. Thanks for understanding!

Hi, all! It’s me Train Of Thought!

Today is our first Blogger Celebration here on the BMP! I’d like to introduce you to Georgie @ VIUNIVERSALI ! I’m going to be celebrating her into the blogosphere. So, she’ll be Georgie and I’ll be TT (Train of Thought) and without further a due, let’s begin!

TT: Hi,Georgie! So great to have you here on the BMP, how do you feel being on here?

Georgie: Hi! Thank you so much for having me, I’m so thrilled. This is the first opportunity I’ve been presented with since joining the blogging community so I’m very grateful!

TT:Well, that’s great! Let’s actually get into the real post, shall we! What is your blog about, in a paragraph?

Georgie:My blog is called Vi Universali which roughly translates to ‘Universal Energy’. I believe we are all connected and in a world where everything feels so disconnected, I am constantly striving to communicate and to share and to talk about the things that really matter. I post anything and everything on my blog from random musings to creative pieces I have written, recipes to travel, mindfulness to meditation, fashion to philosophy.

Georgie:I am always raw, open and honest in what I write and strive to be true to myself – the internet is inundated with perfectly polished images of individuals and their lives and I want to reverse this idea that everything we share has to be flawless, and instead promote authenticity and the value of being real. My blog is still in the very early stages so I hope that you can join me as I grow and continue to share in my tiny corner of the internet.

TT: Great, want some cake? I’m getting hungry, you?

Georgie:Aaah, you really think I’d turn down cake?! Never!

TT: Haha, who could turn down CAKE? *munches* Ahem, anyways, what are some things you’d like to achieve/celebrate in your blogging journey?

Georgie:My primary goal with my blog is for it to be a place on the internet that, as I’ve said, is real. A little pocket of cyber-space that is completely free of societal pressures, norms and expectations, a place that encourages people on their own journey of self-growth – because after all, we are all constantly growing, and I believe that the best way to truly become the people that we want to be is to encourage and support one another, to share and express and communicate in the most vulnerable, passionate, genuine way.

TT: Some of your favourite bloggers, people who you’d invite to the party?

  • Nirrimi ( – her blog is a stunning work of art celebrating all it means to be human – to be open and honest and vulnerable, to love and to lose, to feel the whole spectrum of emotion and celebrate life in all its crazy glory. She is both a talented photographer, musician and a genuinely lovely person.
  • Emma ( – Emma has built an entire business from her blog, but not only that – a way of life. This achievement is hugely inspiring to me. Emma encourages her readers to embrace the messiness of living and shrug off the idea that everything has to be perfect.
  • Lauren and John over at Hot For Food ( – Hot For Food is a vegan food blog who I’d for sure invite to the party if it meant I could sample some of their delicious creations. Two of the best vegan chefs I’ve ever come across and also two genuinely nice people. I’d for sure recommend them if you want some easy, tasty comfort food inspiration!
  • Brooke Saward ( – Brooke documents her travels on her blog and Instagram ‘World Of Wanderlust’ and shows that travelling on a budget without any scams or unrealistic processes is entirely possible. Her message is ‘anyone can do it’ and that to me, as someone who has a constant ache to travel, is very inspiring.
  • And of course everyone here at the BMP!

TT: Awww thanks! Those all sound like amazing bloggers. Well, I guess you are waiting for your gift! What’s one thing you’d like to as ask about blogging? Anything and I’ll answer!!

Georgie:The blogging industry is incredibly competitive and it can be very difficult to get your name out there, network and encourage people to view your blog. What are some tips and tricks you have for accomplishing this? I’d love for my blog to grow so that I can share my writing with more people and take blogging around the world with me as I travel (this is my ultimate goal!), sharing my self-growth, observations and life lessons along the way. I’d love to hear some ways in which people can be encouraged to come and visit my space on the web!

TT:Yes! That is very true. There are so many blogs out there, it is hard to stand out from the crowd. Firstly, I’d say don’t copy anyone else, let your personality shine through. And secondly, interact. Commenting on other blogs is probably the best way to get noticed. Networking is the key to getting noticed.Make social media accounts and join other bloggers. Join the fun, by participating in events, such as the 2016 Blogger Awards (there’s still time to vote!) And thirdly, offer something no-other blog offers. Make your blog unique and personal. Add your own quirky twist to it and your readers will grow. Lastly, comment back and talk to your readers. Whilst looking for new followers, be sure to interact with the readers you have already. Be friendly and always comment back and comment on their blogs. Show your appreciation.

TT: What’s your wish? Blow out your candles, and make one!! Tell us what it  is… Can we make it come true?

Georgie: My biggest wish is to grow my blog to a point where I can take it around the world with me and work with brands I love on projects I am passionate about – being able to make something I love my work is my biggest ambition and I am prepared to strive every day until I accomplish my goal. Isn’t that what life is about?

TT:I hope your wish comes TRUE, one day!

TT: Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging essentially because of my previous answer – I am a very creative person and do not want to spend the rest of my life in a conventional 9-5 job where I feel restricted. My basic philosophy in life is to keep moving so that you never become stagnant or stuck in what you are doing.

Blogging is such a versatile platform – you can take it anywhere, it allows you to say anything you desire and it can lead to so many amazing opportunities in so many different industries. I wanted to share all of the observations and thoughts and musings I had inside me, wanted to document my journey of self-growth, realisation and discovery in the hopes that there are people out there, staring at the words I have written on their screen, feeling connected and reassured, people who can relate and grow with me. I started blogging because I wanted to claim a space of my own in the vast and mysterious online world that reflected not only the person I am inside but the person I wish to grow into.

TT: LET’S get into the party mood! Where else can we find you on the internet?

Georgie: You can find me on Instagram at ‘georgieccox’ where I share more of my personal life (again, all in the hopes of encouraging vulnerability, authenticity and honesty). Otherwise, I’m blogging at Vi Universali and I hope to see you there! Thank you so much for having me, it’s been a pleasure.

See you soon.


Thanks so much Georgie for being on here!! It means a lot to us!

Do you want to have a blogging party and be featured on our blog?Yes? Sign up here! We’ll be there…How do you feel about blogging? Can You relate? Comment below!